Engineering plumbing

Alfa Trade Company has been successfully working at the Russia and CIS market of engineering systems and communications for several years. We offer our customers complete solutions in the area of selection and providing of hydraulic, plumbing, industrial valves and other engineering equipment.

Utilities support life of any Engineering plumbingbuilding project, and the realities of Russia and CIS often require particularly high demands on reliability and security of these systems.

Alfa Trade Company specializes on industrial fittings and plumbing engineering. This equipment is useful in heating and water supply, systems of sanitation, ventilation and air conditioning. We design optimal hydraulic solutions for manufacturing in a wet and humid environment. Also we deliver compression equipment for engineering, chemical and mining industries, supply other construction materials.

Alfa Trade Company works with leading European and American manufacturers of equipment, which guarantee quality, functionality and long life of their products. We are able to provide individual attention to each client because of the large number of partners. We can design the best ergonomic solution for engineering system on any construction. The company has a flexible system of discounts for corporate clients and preferences for our regular customers.