Machine building industry in our country includes companies dealing with the production of pump and compressor equipment of various types, which are widely used in the mining, recycling, energy fields of industry, communal and other areas. The products manufacturing by these companies are not only sold on the local market of the country, but also come abroad. It should be noted that these organizations produce not only serial production but also work on the construction of new models to satisfy completely the costumer’s demand.

National companies Compressors and Pumpssupply the compressors and pumps of various types. This equipment is designed for supplying of compressed air (to power the pneumatic tools or other users) and transferring of liquids respectively. Today the most widely used gear, centrifugal, piston, diaphragm, jet, vortex, axial flow pumps. They are used for pumping sewage, creating the required fluid pressure in the system, supplying of products of oil refining, in water systems (both hot and cold). There are piston, vane and rotary compressors. The modern suppliers work with equipment of high, medium and low pressure, which compresses different gases (for example, air or pure oxygen). The cost of pump and compressor equipment directly depends on the design features, operational and technical characteristics of the devices.