To carry out its tasks, we are actively and fruitfully cooperating with proven, well-known and successful companies with significant experience in various fields of business.

Our partners at this stage are:


Since 1972, the company Liquiflo makes high-quality gear and centrifugal pumps are specifically designed to meet the highest requirements in the chemical industry. Liquiflo pumps are made of high-alloy materials such as stainless steel, alloy-C, 20-alloy and titanium. Offering a large variety of corrosion-resistant interior materials and seals are several options - such as mechanical seals and magnetic disk, Liquiflo pumps are capable of pumping a wide range of chemicals - including acids, alkalis, solvents and polymers. Liquiflo gear pumps are popular and cheap alternative to other pump technologies, some as membrane, screw, peristaltic pumps and piston metering pumps.

Liquiflo offers a range of standard pumps, kits, spare parts and accessories. In addition, Liquiflo can produce pumps for specific customer requirements.


Company ASEKO was founded in 1940. ASEKO specializes in technical products such as industrial valves, automation components, surveillance cameras, and so on.


Company LAROX (Finland) takes a pinch hose valves to regulate and shut streams containing abrasive or aggressive suspensions, powders or granular substances.


Products SeriesVickers market leader in vane pumps, axial piston pumps, valves, valves, cylinders and filtration systems for various applications in mechanical engineering, aerospace, shipbuilding and defense industry.


Company TECOFI SAS was founded in Lyon 30 years ago as a manufacturer and supplier of a wide range of valves for all industries.
It is one of the leaders in the sector of water supply, sanitation, air-conditioning, pulp and paper, chemical, metallurgical and energy industries.


The Danish company Danfoss offers a full range of equipment for heating stations and block heating stations.
The greatest interest is in the form of automatic TA:

  • pressure regulators,
  • temperature regulators,
  • weather compensators.

The engineering solutions company "Danfoss" led to the small size of the TA - energy efficient and meets the latest requirements. In addition, the expanded range of products such as the products:

  • radiator thermostats,
  • manual balancing valves and actuators for them.

All products are high quality and reasonable price for the Russian market.


The Finnish company Naval produces steel ball valves with diameter 10-600 mm. PN 16, 25, 40 bar and butterfly valves DN 300-800 mm. PN 16 25 bar: district heating, natural gas and steam. In addition, stainless steel ball valves for corrosive environments.
Cranes absolutely reliable, have low cost.


Немецкая компания AUMA  manufactures actuators for the automation of pipe fittings. This multi-turn actuators, part-turn actuators, lever actuators, electric linear actuators.


The main activity GENEBRE is the manufacture and sale of various valves, fittings, and valves, for building (water and heat) as well as industrial sectors.
The company's products Genebre (Zhenebre) can be divided into three main areas:

  • industrial machinery
  • vodozapornaya fittings
  • sanitary facilities.

The advantage of reinforcement is low cost and high quality.


Swiss actuators offer a warranty - 5 years. The range includes systems for electric wok on 24V and 220V, with a torque of up to 40nm 5Nm with and without return spring for general purpose valves for installation in fire-extinguishing systems; actuators for ball valves up to DN 150 mm; electric on-off and regulating seat valves with linear actuators; actuators for control valves type "butterfly" to DN 350 mm, H = 500 Nm.
The drives are compact and easy to install on the valve.


The German company Gestra («Gestra") is a world leader in the manufacture of pipe fittings and systems for the steam boiler and condensate systems. Products «Gestra» («Gestra") is: steam traps, check valves, temperature regulators, control valves, safety valves, filters.


The German company KSB («STB") during the 130 years of supplying customers around the world: pumps, valves, automation. They are available for: water wastewater, industrial, energy, engineering maintenance of buildings, the mining industry.


Company Flowserve Foundry more than a hundred years of experience in developing and applying industrial materials.

Flowserve - the recognized world leader in supplying pumps, valves, seals, automation, and management services in the energy, oil and gas, chemical and other industries.


Company Stahl-Armaturen PERSTA GmbH - a subsidiary of the industrial group Siepmann Industries - was created in 1946 in order to further the use of forged parts foundry Siepmann and production high-quality products.

For many years PERSTA - a leading global manufacturer, a successful developer and reliable supplier of industrial valves made of forged, hot-rolled steel plates and cast steel.

PERSTA world famous not only for the exceptional quality of the equipment, but also because of its flexibility and commitment to innovative solutions.


SMC Corporation provides the most comprehensive and complete range of equipment for industrial automation: air treatment systems, pneumatic valves, filters, Unidirectional, pneumatic cylinders, electrical drives, test equipment, fittings and tubing, vacuum equipment, lubrication systems, hydraulic equipment, equipment for temperature control.


The Finnish company Hogfors is a well-known European manufacturer of pipe fittings for industrial use. A common feature of products - their high quality, which means high quality materials and absolute precision in production.

Ball valves and Butterfly valves can be found in industries all over the world. And this is no accident, because the basic principle, which adheres to the company - quality. That is the highest quality of products allows Hogfors take the place of one of the leading manufacturers of pipe fittings.

Hogfors OY produces a wide range of valves. Series BLUE LINE for central heating systems and a series of SILVER LINE Pipeline chemical, food, woodworking, mining and petroleum industry.


Sun Hydraulics - a leading developer and manufacturer of high quality hydraulic valves and Manifolds for the control of various processes in the hydraulic system. All what the SUN, from design to production, is done with one purpose: to create unique designs and reliable solutions. Products Sun Hydraulics works accurately and reliably, regardless of the severity of the working conditions.