Basic definitions LMC. Part 2

Oil paint - material which perform the role of a synthetic or natural varnish . The main drawback of oil paint is its propensity to aging (which entails the loss of color , the level of adhesion and elasticity ) . In addition, explicit " outs " are low weatherability and created decorative coatings, long…
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Basic definitions LMC. Part 1

Primer - is a composition comprising pigments, fillers and binder. After drying the applied mixture became a homogeneous opaque film having good adhesion to the initial layer. The primer used to create the lower layers of the coating , providing a reliable adhesion of the upper layer with a surface which is exposed to staining.…
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How to decode marking paint materials?

The entire range of paint products has a name and a specific designation, which is made up of a combination of letters and numbers. Meaning lacquer products composed of 4 and pigmented products of 5- character groups. (more…)
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