About us

AlfaTradeOur company always follows the concept of successful collaboration named «All inclusive». We carry out the purchase of products, their transportation, and if it is necessary, the certification, thereby affecting the availability of pricing. Buying industrial fittings, engineering plumbing, hydraulics and high-quality paint, you are guaranteed to get the goods of excellent quality, in less time and at a reasonable price.

Specialized production, advanced technology with the latest developments of recent years at credible manufacturing plants, as well as our extensive experience in supply of high-quality professional paint, compressors and pumps, hydraulic, engineering plumbing, industrial fittings – all that is allowed our company to take the leading position among large Russian and foreign partners who need industrial material.

We are always ready to provide the full range of commercial services on preparing and support of products manufacturing process and their implementation, operation and maintenance of infrastructure, industrial and other kinds of objects. You can rely on us in every situation, because we are not limited to deliver sophisticated technological equipment, unique large-sized products with specific and complicated production technology. At your request we can produce the desired option in Russian and foreign companies, acting as their direct dealer.Our team solves any tasks of customer needs and technical challenges with creative approach, thus ensuring efficient execution of any complexity orders.